Help a Leper

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The percent of Leperacy is very high in India it is too high in coastal area this Disease is separate a person from the society these are unprivileged one of the reason it is found to get this disease uncleaned  dry fish. They beg in the streets of India in-order  to feed themselves we give them bread along with the Lord of JESUS. Please help them as Lord leads and PRAY for them.

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Sponsor A Child

There are more than 100 million street and working children in India; together, they work to produce more than 20% of India’s gross national product. They are seeking out a grim existence in India’s towns and cities. Children as young as six have to resort to car washing, begging, carrying luggage, fetching tea, or working in small industries to support themselves – and sometimes their families. Girls as young as eight are forced into prostitution in order to survive. The average age of street children are: 33% 6-10yrs, 40% 11-15yrs.

In a country where millions of children are unwanted and abandoned, we have taken on the biblical mandate to care for the orphan to heart. We believe that EVERY child deserves the opportunity to know Christ and know love.The children we care for are given far more than food, shelter, and education. in His mercy our children are in a loving Christ centred- environment.

“Children are the future leaders of India and the world, they are God’s army that we are raising up”

Esther is only one day old when her poor mother left her in the hospital on 2nd ]an 2005 LIFEGIVERS took her in to its hands and thanking god like Jesus thanked father with five loaves and two little fish in His hands. We believe God will bless this small bread for millions to quinch their spiritual hunger in the days to come now she is Five Years old you can see this beautiful child when you visit us. these children that were once abandoned, rejected and despised by their parents.

Being nurtured and loved in a Life Home helped give them the confidence they needed to excel. Before they came to us, they didn’t know how to overcome the overwhelming obstacles in the life they were born into. But today their faces are vibrant and they have true zeal for life and a sense of joy immediately recognized in their wonderful laughter. These children are a  testimony to our mission at lifegivers and eternal treasure to each and every one of us.

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Tuition Centers

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We are educating and helping to Daliths who are called un touchable, these are the people who live out of the village in India and most un privileged for the ages in this pagan land we want to see this people being educated and become higher officials with the help of LIVING GOD. Our volunteer  workers go to the colonies in the morning and evening help them in learning things with good manner they also help in their home works of study.

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we are educating and helping to 100 Daliths who are called un touchable, these are the people who live out of the village in India and most un privileged for the ages in this pagan land we want to see this people being educated and become higher officials with the help of LIVING GOD.

Day school

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We live in a area near by the slum colonies. Dalits who are called un touchable in India  The children in those colonies play in streets all the day no one cared for their education and hygiene.

The Purpose: In the midst of corporate educational boom, we are  offering valuable  education to the underprivileged because if we don’t do this  the future generation in the slum societies suffer a huge amount of discrimination in the acquiring of knowledge, due to which they miss many opportunities in their career.

Great Things: One of the great missionary Dr. William Carey says, ‘Attempt great things for God – Expect great  things from God.’ We  only have attempted and God is miraculously fulfilling all our expectations. If you are also inspired by God to attempt any small or big thing in this ministry (which is yours and ours) please pray and do what God wants you to do.

We give education in English medium to the poor in our area which is not available for the poor at all, along with secular study we teach them the word of God this is one of the best ways to reach un reached in our areas. Many are blessed we have testimonies that our kids went back to home and prayed for sick parents who got healed like this many kids and parents come to the knowledge of savior. For more details please contact us.

Support school teacher: Our children at school are taught word of God along with the the secular education we have committed and godly teachers who are willing to teach and train our children as a volunteer, we only support them by giving honorarium. Please pray as these are teaching the kids that they may fill the little ones with vision and mission for the perishing world and please support them as lord leads you.

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Church Plantation

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We have church ministry with the dedicated and anointed pastors after training and practical period students has to go to a place where God leads them with vision to start new church, Our Pastors are working  in  tribal region of north side of Andhrapradesh which is one of the most unreached areas of our country. Already  some churches are established through lifegivers by now but still there are places at to be reached we belive in Mark(16:15) And he said unto them, go ye unto all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. 

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Bible school

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Planting: “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? Romans 10:14-15.

Go? or Send? This is the theme of lifegivers  It is not easy for a poor man who has received a clear call from the Lord to go to a Bible college, unless the Bible College is in the position to meet his needs for food, lodging, and teaching.

In the year 2001, by the Grace of the Lord, we started our first Bible College in a small hut with 8 students. They had burning hearts to learn God’s word.  They never looked for a building or for classrooms, but were willing to sit in a hut or on the ground under the trees to learn God’s word. Still we do not have separate building for Bible college but still we are in a better place than 2001.

At the time, the course was just six months long.  At the completion of the course,  we fasted and prayed.  Then, we sent them back to their own people, in a north region of Andhrapradesh which is called tribal agency to establish churches within their own communities. Today, most of those very first students have become pioneers of the mission work in their respective areas.  Further, each one of them has established more churches than we expected.

From that humble beginning, we have trained many students.  Of those students all most all are on the mission field in full time, investing their lives by standing on the front line. The theme of this project is training, equipping, sending and planting Churches. Our vision is to have native missionaries reach their people group.

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Gospel crusades

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By His grace we are able to meet thousands with the Gospel of Jesus through crusades in and out of our aria it is one of the special vision that God given to us, i was saved in 1995 by hearing the “Word of God” in a Crusade called JESUS is the answer. I Strongly believe preaching the “Word of God” is the method of JESUS CHRIST our Lord.

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