India has more unreached individulas than any other nation // 1.25 bilion people in need of the Saviour

About Us

Lifegivers ministry is started with the vision that the Lord gave to Pastor Parishudda Raju. in the year 1998 in the village movva in south India. From the beginning God has been useing this ministry for his glory it has been bringing the people to the lord.

Lifegivers also rising orphans , poor, daliths, making them followers of Jesus, pastors, teachers, helpers of perishing world to give new life, running day school, Bible school, Tribal Ministry, tuition centers for needy children and doing church ministry at un reached villages of India .

Our vision is to rise up hundreds of un privileged kids and give the life abundant (Jesus), we believe they are going to make great change on the globe specially in India.

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